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Where do you want your people to take your business?

Partner with HR professionals

Years of HR consulting experience bring professional, informed advice for all your existing and ongoing HR challenges…

Create a more engaged culture

Are your employees aligned and engaged with the vision, mission, and values of your business? Get everyone pulling towards the same goals.

Build high performing teams

Build more people skills in leadership and teams to cement a unified and collaborative working culture.

Resolve people problems & conflicts

As experienced mediators, we can step in and help you effectively solve workplace conflicts and disagreements so that they don’t resurface.

Reduce compliance risks

Ensure your business meets all its compliance obligations and avoids unnecessary penalties by working with professionals who are up-to-date with all the latest regulations.

Enhance processes & policies

We help you develop best-practice HR processes and policies that bring more structure, consistency, and clarity for management and employees.

Recruit the right people

We can advise your leaders on strategies for hiring the right people for the right positions and in line with your values and culture.

Develop your leaders

Whether middle management or executive level, we can provide your leaders with the tools to get the best out of your teams and help transform your organisation.

Free up valuable time

If you run a small business and are spending too much time on people problems, free up your time to focus on growing your business…while we look after the rest.

Develop your in-house HR people

Train your in-house HR staff on a range of subjects from Equity in the Workplace to Workplace Health and Safety; or use our support services for help on specific projects.

Your people are your brand

People make a big first impression and your people represent your business. Get the best out of your team with the help of Collaborate HR. Working with small to medium businesses and startups, Collaborate HR provides essential human resources services. Collaborate HR operates across Australia and NZ.

Why Collaborate with Us

We really are people-focused
We have experience in many sectors
We help businesses grow
We tailor-make solutions
We're affordable
In-house HR team showing better workplace culture

Value for money

HR shouldn’t be a luxury that only big business can afford. By outsourcing to a professional HR consultant, you can identify the specific Human Resources requirements of your business and only pay for what you need. Take a step back from managing your people and focus on what you know best – growing your business.

The following organisations have all benefited from HR collaboration with us…

Build an Emotionally Intelligent workforce.

Many businesses are forgetting to build an emotionally intelligent workforce, but having your HR person skilled in this arena, will make a huge impact. With Collaborate HR, we are the No.1 HR firm using EQ techniques in HR.

Delivering excellence in HR

With an extensive background in law, Collaborate HR completely understands the full spectrum of Human Resources.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your individual HR needs.

Employees celebrating been the best at HR workplace culture

Let Collaborate HR manage all facets of the HR space in your business.

Whether you’re after coaching, conflict resolution or a training and development program that suits the specific needs of your team, you can get it right first time with the help of a qualified HR consultant. We will partner with you to help you get the best fit solution for you and your business.

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